Monday, October 8, 2012

BMAH Mogging

Sometimes it's hard to be a raider at the beginning of an expansion. I've consumed a lot of my time getting geared up appropriately for our first raid week (4/6 is okayish). Unfortunately it means I neglected my mogging and this blog. I still sort of am.

Chest: Shroud of Spiritual Purity
Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Faith

I will neglect the other items I am wearing as they aren't what I want for this outfit, but I don't have the time this week to farm them. Those shoulders are no longer in the game. They are the priest T3 shoulders and they popped up on the Black Market Auction House.

Things worth noting: old gear pieces all seem to come up for 10k, regardless of item slot. These shoulders cost me 16k and a repair bill as there were three other priests bidding too. One of them was Alliance, which I thought, "Oh yeah, they've been saying they put this AH away from the prying eyes of the city," I'll roll 'em since I'm on a PVP server. Oh no. The exchange guards in the AH get quite upset by this and do attack. So there won't be any PVP battles for this stuff, just the good ol' fashioned waiting.

I have had that chestpiece sitting in my bank, unequipped, for quite some time now... waiting for something that would look nice with it. Those shoulders are great. I'm quite in love with it and hoping to finish the rest of the outfit.

There's a lot of old tier gear no longer available in game popping up on the BMAH. If you have the gold, be sure to check daily.

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