Sunday, September 9, 2012

Goodbye, Dark Rune

With the revamp of Scholomance, we seem to have lost yet even more mog items. But I hold onto a smidgeon of hope that they'll put the models back in, some of them, maybe in Heroic... maybe. Maybe, right?

Also missing from this new Scholomance are Dark Runes. Maybe you've seen them before, and if you have you most likely vendored them. If you didn't... hold onto these. They are used in some crafting patterns for a few nice pieces of transmog gear, notably to me is the Darkrune Breastplate.

There are matching gloves, also crafted, but that's it for the set. You'll have to match up the rest on your own, which I am in the process of. But back to my point. I put off getting this chestpiece for far too long. It was the last Symbolic look-a-like color deviation I needed and because it was crafted I thought I'd just get it when I was farming out in Silithus. Well, I got the plan, but not before DARK RUNES WERE REMOVED WITH THE REVAMPLED SCHOLOMANCE. They drop no where else. When I realized, I ran frantically to the AH - after all, it's still a recent change, maybe there's some left. None. I asked in guild. No one had any. I ran to the other faction AH - one, for 2g, which I quickly bought. I spammed trade on both sides with a simple WTB Dark Rune and got only one seller... who only had one Dark Rune. I needed a total of 16 for both the chest and the gloves.

All right, pack rats, what amount will make you give them up?

That's right. WTB Dark Rune x14 14k. I got them very promptly from one of the AH players. Officially the most I've paid for transmog gear. I guess that evens out all the absolute bargains I've gotten.

Even if they put Dark Runes back in, which I doubt,

I regret nothing.

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