Monday, July 30, 2012

Monk, Leather and Mogs

Bare with me as I do something a bit different today. With MoP's release date out, Sept. 25, I find myself scrambling to find the last pieces of potential Monk mogging pieces that I want. Others have their picks lined up already, here's a break down of my expectations for what Monks will be after:

Color: Green/Jade, Blue, Red

Name: Wanderer, Adventurer, Traveler, Bard

Theme: Bard, Pirate, Ninja

From that, I've started collecting pieces of the following:

Bard's Garb
Clefthoof Garb
Bandit Garb (though I expect Scouting Garb to outshine it)
Scaled Leather (tentative guess for female pandarens)

I am noticably missing green items from that list, mostly due to space and me personally not being a green fan. Some green leathers are Jadefire, Huntsman's and Tracker's. I have some other pieces not listed as well including the ever popular Prospector's.

I'll be most surprised if Bard isn't popular amongst the Pandaren Monks.

With this, I need a pricing guide, so I found Farli and EpicPennyPouch's leather tier list, but needed to make some adjustments as some of the tiers have TOO much in them. Does mine work? No promises, this is just a personal pricing guide to start MoP with and adjust as needed.

Tier 1: (1,000g – 3,000g)

Eye patches including Swashbuckler's Eyepatch
Helms like Ranger Hat

Tier 2 (550g – 995g)

Rageclaw (Obsure joke of the day: because Red makes it go faster)
Black Whelp Tunic

Tier 3 (500g – 900g)

Imperial Leather

Tier 4 (450g- 850g)

Wolf Rider
Bandit Garb

Tier 5 (300g-600g)


Tier 6 (225g-395g)


Tier 7 (100g-250g)


Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekly Mog and Hyperion Farming

Head: Circle of Flame (This is a low drop late. Hope for good luck farming!)
Shoulders: Mantle of Three Terrors (Dungeon drop)
Chest: Vermillion Robes of the Dominant (Dungeon drop)
Gloves: Infernoweave Gloves (Purchasable with JP in Shat)
Belt: Aboriginal Sash
Staff: Staff of Feral Furies (Horde only. Purchasable from the tournament vendors in Icecrown for 25 seals.)

I believe there is a Landslide on the weapon. I'm not really sure why. Power Torrent actually looks just fine as its fire goes underneath the green rather than over top.

This week's look was created to match some else's Hyperion plate set. If you're after the Hyperion set, check the AH for what you can. Some of the rares in Blasted Lands have a chance to drop Hyperion pieces. Then make your way to Molten Core. I suggest MC over Blackwing Lair simply because it is perfectly soloable no matter what your class is, though I'm told the droprates are lower. I disagree with that, and here's why: you can kill all of the trash in MC without killing a boss (minus the trash tied to bosses)! That means you can spend 15-20 minutes killing everything in MC - careful of Baron Geddon, he moves around quickly) - and then reset the instance. Rinse and repeat until you start seeing those Hyperion pieces. There are also other great potential green drops to keep your eyes open for while farming your set, notably Elegant Robes.

Also keep in mind that the head and shoulders aren't quite matching for the Hyperion set, so plan and research accordingly.

Happy farming!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Radioactive Spidermanwoman

I mog A LOT on my priest. So every day I make sure I browse the AH for cloth chests. Usually it's the same old same old, but that doesn't stop me browsing, waiting for the day when a little gem appears.


Chest: Venomshroud Silk Robes (Identical to Hibernal Robe, the one you are more likely to see)
Shoulder: Crimson Acolyte Shoulderpads (priest-only)
Belt: Ruthless Gladiator's Cord of Accuracy (purchasable with honor points)
Shirt: Green Martial Shirt (purchased from vendor in Dalaran)

I never knew about these robes until my husband had their twin drop in Stratholme on one of his mount farming runs. And, oh, I wanted them! But I also knew what a nice price they would fetch. I closed my eyes, bit my lip, and told him to go ahead and put them on the AH. (He sold them for 10k.) Two days later, in my daily browse, I found mine - for 42g. You can imagine how quickly I purchased them.

I include the shirt for several reasons: the sleeves are black, making the green lacing down the arms stand out, it gives a nice trim around the collar, and it makes the back look like a corset.

I'm a pretty big advocate for farming items, especially when the items are rarely-to-never-seen on the AH (you can check to see when the last time an item appeared on your sever's AH via TheUndermineJournal), but that doesn't stop me from checking when I'm in the city taking a break.

Last week, I undertook the challenge of acquiring the Jade set for someone. The biggest challenge here for me was the chest. Not seen on the AH for three months, low droprate, not farmable from an instance. I spent a lot of time in Winterspring, then in Un'Goro. I camped a toon in front of Gruff's spawn point, hoping to get lucky in one of my kills. I logged in this morning, checked the AH for the Jade Breastplate, and then hopped onto my camper toon just as a quester in the zone is killing it. I cried on his shoulder and asked what dropped. Not the item I was after, but some cute shoulders I told him to sell for a nice amount. I went back to the city and began my toonhopping to post auctions for the day. At the end of it, I searched the AH for the Jade Breastplate... lo and behold, there it was, for 10g, posted by that quester out in Un'Goro. THANKS, MATE! XD

The lesson here? Browse the AH. Especially if there is something you are after, even if it hasn't been on the AH in a while. Set up alerts if you have the addons or sites for that sort of thing (I don't). Because eventually that item is due back up. In the meantime... there's always farming!