Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ice, Ice...

I tend to break a lot with these sorts of projects, but I have kept up with screencaps at least and have a small backlog now.

What have I been doing? Raiding, making gold, pet battling. I've spent more than half a million this xpac already, and I'm currently 40k shy off being back at the 1mil mark. BMAH y r u so tempting?!

Chest: Glacial Robe
Shoulders: Valorous Shoulderpads of Sanctification (Priest only)
Gloves: Mystic's Gloves (Manaspark Gloves would also go famously with this)
Head: Circlet of Faith (off BMAH)
OH is Fan of Fiery Winds but I don't consider it as part of the outfit. It looks nice anyway.

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