Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekly Mog and Hyperion Farming

Head: Circle of Flame (This is a low drop late. Hope for good luck farming!)
Shoulders: Mantle of Three Terrors (Dungeon drop)
Chest: Vermillion Robes of the Dominant (Dungeon drop)
Gloves: Infernoweave Gloves (Purchasable with JP in Shat)
Belt: Aboriginal Sash
Staff: Staff of Feral Furies (Horde only. Purchasable from the tournament vendors in Icecrown for 25 seals.)

I believe there is a Landslide on the weapon. I'm not really sure why. Power Torrent actually looks just fine as its fire goes underneath the green rather than over top.

This week's look was created to match some else's Hyperion plate set. If you're after the Hyperion set, check the AH for what you can. Some of the rares in Blasted Lands have a chance to drop Hyperion pieces. Then make your way to Molten Core. I suggest MC over Blackwing Lair simply because it is perfectly soloable no matter what your class is, though I'm told the droprates are lower. I disagree with that, and here's why: you can kill all of the trash in MC without killing a boss (minus the trash tied to bosses)! That means you can spend 15-20 minutes killing everything in MC - careful of Baron Geddon, he moves around quickly) - and then reset the instance. Rinse and repeat until you start seeing those Hyperion pieces. There are also other great potential green drops to keep your eyes open for while farming your set, notably Elegant Robes.

Also keep in mind that the head and shoulders aren't quite matching for the Hyperion set, so plan and research accordingly.

Happy farming!

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