Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trashy to Classy

After silently watching several transmog sites and blogs, I've been interested in starting my own. Even as I begin this, I have another monitor open with a toon sitting at the AH because I struggle to pull myself away.

But here I am.

And here is the cool thing that I want to share with you fellow moggers:

Blue Overalls

That's right. Blue overalls. Go ahead. Check out some of Wowhead's screencaps. Looking pretty meh. So why am I saying they are the so cool? Because, when paired with skirt leggings, you get this:

The overall bottoms turn into a half skirt, leaving half of whatever skirt leggings you are wearing (or have transmogged) to show. If you are just wearing pants (or just have pants transmogged), this effect does not stick. But for skirts, for whatever reason, you get a half and half.

Main Hand: Hand of Righteousness (with Heartsong enchant)
Shoulders: Furred Worgslayer Spaulders (obtained via quest reward in Grizzly Hills)
Legs: Kilt of Deific Torment (obtained via quest reward in Grizzly Hills)

What's working here? I tried to find a skirt with some brown so that the brown line the overalls create wouldn't be so out of place, but the blue of the overalls ended up not matching the other blues. So I found a pair of gloves that matched that blue in an effort to tie it back in. The tabard blue is also too dark, but I'm not a tabard collector at all; it was a desperate attempt to hide the top of the blue overalls. I believe the yellows, golds and browns are actually what is holding this outfit together.

I hope you find many fun new combinations with the blue overalls from this.


  1. I've seen this "bug" in MogIt and got excited. But when I tried to make use of it I failed.

    Your idea to go with more brown and gold worked well! And I really like how the skin tone and hair color complete the look.

    Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Thanks!

      I mean to update this on a weekly basis. And, once I figure out Blogspot a bit more, I hope to get some links going to similar blogs.